Poster Presentation 30th Lorne Cancer Conference 2018

Cyto-Mine: An integrated picodroplet system for single-cell analysis and monoclonality assurance (#179)

Dimitris Josephides 1 , Maeva Vallet 1 , Serena Davoli 1 , Elena Shvets 1 , Raphael Ruis 1 , William Whitley 1 , Xin Liu 1 , Marian Rehak 1 , Frank F Craig 1 , David Holmes 1
  1. Sphere Fluidics, Cambridge, UK

A number of different techniques are routinely used in the biopharmaceutical discovery and development workflows. These include single cell analysis, sorting, imaging and dispensing into individual wells of microtiter plates (MTPs). Traditionally, different instruments would be required for each technique; which is costly, time-consuming and requires extensive lab space and manual handling that increases the risk of sample contamination. Pico-droplet techniques allow for sophisticated and sensitive manipulation of cells at the single cell level. Cyto-MineĀ® technology is the first integrated device to automatically perform all of these crucial techniques in a single compact system. This high-throughput instrument uses pico-droplet technology and microfluidics to process up to 2.5 million heterogeneous mammalian cells in a few hours. Each cell is encapsulated in a pico-droplet containing cell culture growth media, which acts as a bioreactor to compartmentalise the cell and let it grow; eventually trapping secreted molecules such as antibodies (Abs). The system also allows selection and deposition of single cells into individual wells of 96- and 384-well MTPs- ensuring high fidelity monoclonality assurance (required for FDA-approval of all monoclonal Abs)